What is Galaxy MakeOvers ?

The Galaxy of Homes model is simple. We help investors identify, buy, renovate and manage the rental process of a buy to let property. The model comprises of three stages: –

  • Investment,
  • Renovation, and
  • Management

Galaxy MakeOvers is the branch which deals with the second stage of this process. Our duty is to convert derelict, uninhabitable shells in deprived areas of society with depressed property values into beautiful family homes, thereby creating quality homes for your rental portfolio.

We strive to provide refurbishments marked by a certain standard and quality of work as it helps ensure our belief that “If you respect your tenants, they will respect your house in return”. A compromise in refurbishment quality is not entertained by Galaxy of Homes and is made clear to landlords during the sales process.

Over a period of 2.5 years, Galaxy MakeOvers has overseen the transformation of approximately 320 properties with a total refurbishment cost of £4.8m. Our latest project has been the prestigious overhaul of the legendary Fishermen’s cottages in the town of Grimsby.


Vikash and Madhurita Jayaswal founded Galaxy of Homes to provide an alternative to traditional property investment. They started their entrepreneurial journey after their successful careers in the financial services industry.

They are driven by a desire for self-reliance, having grown up surrounded by poverty in Kolkata. They arrived in the UK in 2005, with just £ 2,500 in their pockets. Ten years of working in jobs and two redundancies fuelled a desire to control their own future. Thus, Galaxy of Homes was founded, and the company started trading in 2015.

The company aims to provide an end to end management model for the Buy To Let (BTL) housing market. The model creates excellent returns on investment for clients and revolutionises the way we buy, renovate and rent out investment properties.


Galaxy of Homes is just over three years old. Our unique stance in the industry allows people to invest in property and do it well! We’ve done extensive research in the field and want to help clients build their passive income and achieve financial freedom. What gives our business an edge of authenticity? – Our directors are qualified accountants with a thorough understanding of investment models, yield percentages, Return On Investments and tax implications. We are extremely people-oriented and believe in catering to the needs of each individual. We conduct free seminars throughout the year to educate investors about the concept of passive income through property investment. Our recent growth is a testament to the viability of our long-held goal of achieving financial freedom in a reasonably short time-frame through targeted investments in high-yield properties. To know more about Galaxy Of Homes please visit galaxyofhomes.co.uk or call on 01733857720